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Dont sell flat, sell dreams. Allow your customer to customize and build the dream home with our 3D/ AR Solution. Let your customer enjoy the whole experience before building in real world - watch the full video to know more

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Paper-based layout and 2D images are very difficult for clients to understand how their dream house will look like. We are providing you the futuristic solution, that lets your customer view flat/ bungalow in the real world. It makes easy for the client to give you customize requirement as well as give you convenient of building a house based on client budget.
Our tech helps your clients to see what they will get to buy more confidently and help you close deal faster.

Real Estate using our solutions for

Visualization Tool

Show your customer complete ready house anywhere anytime and let them enjoy the journey

Customization Tool

Let your customer view dream house and customize it to get dream home with drag and drop

Sales tool

It allows sales person to show full flat, apartment or land anywhere and allow them to close deal faster


Is this app customizable
Yes, you can customize everything as per your business requirment
What you need to start with
We only need HD images of the Layout plan, that's it
It will work only in App
No, we can make it for App, Tab and Web browsers also
Can we customize plot/flat/house
Yes, you can customize the size, shape, height everything
Can we show only one room at a a time
Yes, you can either show one room/plot at a time or multiple
How user can pay after selecting clothes
User can tap on the Buy Now button and redirect to your payment gateway
How we can integrate with our existing web/app
We provide you quick integration documentation and within 15 min you will be able to integrate
Is data secure
Yes, entire data will be in encrypted mode and very secure

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