Solution for Furniture Store

Let your customer customize home/office by allowing them to try your wide range of furniture in real world and buy on one click. Allows shoppers to see your furniture any time, anywhere in 3D/AR to see design, texture, fabric and size - watch full video to know more

Our Products

Wonder Shop

Enabling shoppers the option to try and buy, Our solution allows shoppers to tap on furniture and view in real-time anywhere - Home/ Office. Just like bringing furniture and trying - Our solution help shoppers to view size, texture, color match with other existing furniture, wall color and lot more.

Our solution help furniture stores to grow sales (Online & Offline) and help shoppers to buy more confidently, which directly reduce returns/ post-sales engagement.

Sell Style with Wonder Virtual Store

Amazing solution for home decor and stylist to showcase clients dream house in real-time. Let your client stop dreaming and blow minds by showing them dream house with color customization, adding furniture, home decor items and a lot more.
It helps you close deal faster and satisfy your client with your work on first meet.

Furniture Industry using our solutions for

Reduce Post Sales Engagement

Reduce post-sales engagement by allowing them to view items in real-time, size and colors in AR

In-store Sales Tool

Let your salesman give a strong tool to allow them to sale fast and can do easily up-sell and cross-sell

Reduce Stock in Store

Our solution allows you to show a wide range of furniture in AR and let user shop. You can order after that


Is this app customizable
Yes, you can customize everything as per your business requirement
What you need to start with
We only need HD images of the product, that's it
It will work only in App
No, we can make it for App, Tab and Web browsers also
Can we customize furniture appearance
Yes, you can customize the size, color, height everything
Can we show only one brand in app
Yes, you can either show one or multiple brands and allow customers to choose
How user can pay after selecting clothes
User can tap on the Buy Now button and redirect to your payment gateway
How we can integrate with our existing web/app
We provide you quick integration documentation and within 15 min you will be able to integrate
Is data secure
Yes, entire data will be in encrypted mode and very secure

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