Virtual trial room for Contactless clothing trial 

The world's first AI-Enabled AR Powered Virtual Trail Room For Retail

During the time of a global pandemic, we bring to you a virtual trial room that replicates a physical trial experience seamlessly. Built using Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, read to know how it can help your business grow 4X

Our 3D avatar is a smart enhancement that heightens the online shopping experience. Built using artificial intelligence and augmented reality, it lets users try different clothes in realtime

Adjust body measurements, skin tone, height and other details to recreate your physical appearance - digitally.

Our digital wardrobe has a range of garments to choose from. Pick the dress you like and it will be rendered in high-definition and in dynamic lighting onto your 3D avatar to show you how it looks on you

Make your own 3D avatar by uploading your photo. Our smart algorithm renders it in 3D to make your avatar look exactly like you.

The changes you make to your 3D avatar are processed dynamically and shown in realtime. This way, you can accurately design your avatar to look like you.

We offer advanced analytics to understand customer behaviour and offer them relevent clothing as per size, color and fitting preference to double your sales

How this works for you

It’s as simple for you as it is for your customers:

  • Signup & account setup
  • Upload inventory
  • Customize customer module
  • Get web & app versions to showcase to your customers

How this works for your customers

The platform has been specifically designed to offer users an easy and seamless experience:

  • Open the link/app
  • Explore categories to choose product
  • Customise avatar by entering measurements
  • Apply selected clothes to the created avatar
  • View in AR
  • Click to purchase

See the killer features

Easy up-selling & cross-selling

WonderFashion allows customers to find more relevant and accurate products with respect to fitting, size colour and more, leading customers to make easy and quick purchases. This directly helps brands make more sales and generate more revenue.

Fewer returns

Ecommerce returns are costly. To mitigate this expense, WonderFashion accurately shows colour, fitting and even the texture of the clothes in high-resolution for consumers to closely examine and assess before they make a purchase. This helps businesses decrease their return rate by up to 50%.


Can it be integrated with existing website/app?
Yes, it can be integrated with your existing website/app. No limitation on platform
How soon it can be implemented?
Its ready to use platform and can be integrated within 2 -3 working days. Based on no of products and platform you are using
Do you help in implementation?
Yes, we do provide complete support on implementation of our solution. And also help you after implementation on upgrade or removal
It is for online only or only for offline?
This can be used by any online or offline store, as it requires just a mobile/tab device to show products to customer online

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